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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Indigo have a storefront or café?2016-06-14T23:06:17-04:00

We do not have a storefront or café as we’re primarily a wholesale artisan roaster.

Can I buy coffee for my store or café?2016-06-15T19:43:27-04:00

Absolutely – that’s what we do! We offer custom roasts, custom blends and private labeling for our wholesale customers. We can also help with equipment selection. Please call us at 800-447-5450  to discuss your needs.

Can I buy coffee at your location?2016-06-15T19:43:55-04:00

Yes, you can buy coffee directly from Indigo if you order in wholesale quantities (5 or more pounds of any one selection). Indigo roasts only to order, so please call us at 800-447-5450 a couple of days before you would like to pick up your coffee, and we’ll put it on the roasting list and have it ready for you.

We don’t want to compete with the local stores and cafés that carry our coffee, so if you’d like to purchase in retail quantities (fewer than 5 pounds of any selection), please order through the website for delivery via UPS or USPS or visit one of our wonderful customers. You can find a store/cafe near you by visiting the  ‘Where To Find’ page.

Can I pick-up at the roastery if I order online?2016-06-15T17:56:31-04:00

Online ordering is only for shipping via UPS or USPS. If you’d like to order in wholesale quantities (5 or more pounds of any one selection) for pick-up at our location, please call us at  800-447-5450 to order ahead and schedule a time for pick-up.

How long does it take to receive my order?2016-06-14T23:03:56-04:00

We roast Mondays through Thursdays, and we’ll put your order on the roasting list within two ‘roasting days.’ For example, if you order on a Tuesday, we’ll roast and ship your order by Thursday. Often, it’s quicker, but we ask for a 2-day lead time. If we’re shipping to you, transit time will vary depending on your location and method of shipping.

Why can’t I buy fewer than five pounds of some coffee selections?2016-06-14T23:02:35-04:00

We can roast a minimum of 5 pounds of coffee per batch, and there are certain coffees that are roasted infrequently. Because Indigo roasts only to order, we can’t offer those coffees in quantities under 5 pounds.

What is your return policy?2016-06-14T23:02:03-04:00

As your coffee is freshly roasted and prepared to your specifications, we can only accept returns if there is an inaccuracy in the order or there is something wrong with the coffee.

We hope that you will always be pleased with our coffee and service; however, no one is perfect. If we make a mistake processing your order, we will gladly replace it or refund your purchase. Please contact us as soon as possible if there is something wrong with your order. Most often, we’ll arrange to have you return the coffee to us using a trackable shipping method so that we can determine what may have caused the issue.