Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling

One of the most highly prized coffees in the world, this high-grown Indonesian arabica resembles no other. Rich and heavy bodied with low acidity, it is exceptionally smooth with a distinctly nutty, earthy flavor. Tasting Notes: Cedar, leather, dark chocolate

  • Certification:  Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher
  • Co-op:  Permata Gayo Cooperative
  • Region:  Gayo,  Aceh
  • Process:  Semi-Washed Process. Sun Dried.
  • Elevation:  1,300 – 1,600 meters


Permata Gayo was formed in 2006 by 50 coffee famers spread throughout five villages in the Bandar sub-district in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. The organization was founded in order to increase the sale of organic coffee and generate benefits for the allied small-scale farmers. Staying true to their vision to “work together for the welfare of our communities and to improve the lives of our members through the commercialization of the highest quality coffee,” the cooperative fosters Fair Trade principles of transparency, accountability and quality.

Productive Investment
Permata Gayo has used Fair Trade premiums to purchase agricultural tools, set up post-harvest food assistance programs and invest in environmental education and training in erosion prevention, soil conservation and waste disposal, among other initiatives. Programs focusing on women’s empowerment are also prevalent, such as medical support during pregnancy, hiring initiatives in manufacturing and processing work and participation in financial management trainings.