Viennese Roast

The lightest of our dark roasts. Pleasantly full and spicy, it is particularly smooth and not as bittersweet as the darker roasts. Great brewed conventionally or for espresso. This is our standard Viennese Roast, made with Mexican Chiapas. Tasting Notes:  Citrus, caramel, clove

  • Certification:  Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher
  • Co-op:  Productores de café de Motozintla (PROCAFEM)
  • Region:  Chiapas
  • Process:  Washed Process. Sun Dried.
  • Elevation:  1,300 meters


Productores de café de Motozintla (PROCAFEM) is an organization formed by small producers located in different communities such as Siltepec, Bella Vista, Escuintla and Motozintla in the state of Chiapas. It was created with 20 partners in 10 communities. Now they have 338 partners in the entire region. They belong to the Maya-Quiché group, mainly dedicated to farm and work in coffee plantations of the Soconusco zone.

Productive Investment
Through the Fair Trade Premiums, Procafem has provided overall economic and social benefits to its members, such as road improvements and practical methods for establishing a greater variety of crops. In addition, it has focused on developing and improving sustainable farming practices, including training and technical assistance for partners, and seeking expanded international markets for its Fair Trade coffee.