Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Coffee

Papua New Guinea Purosa

Plantings of this coffee were originally made from Jamaican Blue Mountain seeds. It is sweet and bright with a full, balanced body incorporating a touch of earthiness characteristic of its Indonesian neighbors. Tasting Notes: Floral notes, caramel, apricot

  • Certification:  Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher
  • Co-op: Highlands Organic Agricultural Co-op (HOAC)
  • Region: Purosa region, Okapa Valley, Eastern Highlands Province
  • Process:  Fully Washed. Sun Dried & Mechanically Dried
  • Elevation:  2,000 meters


Highlands Organic Agricultural Co-op (HOAC) is one of the few Fair Trade cooperatives in Papua New Guinea. The organization was started by small holder farmers in partnership with a coffee exporter. They are located in the Purosa region of the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, where plentiful rain and rich volcanic soils provide ideal growing conditions for traditional varieties of arabica coffee.

Productive Investment
HOAC has used its premium funds to focus on community improvements, such as improved roads and support of community groups, particularly centered on women’s empowerment. HOAC has purchased textbooks and desks for the 20 primary schools in the Purosa/Okapa district as well as beds, mattresses and medications for four health centers. The Yasubi Wáter Supply Project was established to decontaminate the local water supply so that families can now safely drink clean water directly from the source.