Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Coffee

Costa Rican La Minita

The small, mountain region of Tarrazu produces the finest and highest grown of Costa Rica’s extraordinary arabicas. Within Tarrazu, the La Minita estate offers unparalleled cultivation and meticulous preparation. La Minita has brilliant acidity, a medium body and is impeccably balanced with a long satisfying finish. Tasting Notes: Citrus, caramelized sugar, chocolate

  • Certification:  Kosher
  • Region:  Tarrazu, Hacienda La Minita
  • Process:  Fully Washed, Sun Dried and Mechanically dried
  • Elevation:  1,300 – 1,800 meters


Environmental Resource Management

  • All weeding is done by hand – we do not use herbicides or pesticides.
  • 300-acre forest reserve of old growth woodlands was set aside more than 20 years ago as a nature refuge.
  • We operate a residual water-treatment plant and our own hydro-electrical turbine creating renewable and nonpolluting power.
  • We have developed biomass coffee drying furnaces that burn only the waste residue from the coffee fruit.
  • Our coffee processing facilities are water conserving mills – using only a fraction of the water used by traditional mills. We treat water used at both mills through our sedimentation ponds before returning it to the water supply.
  • Terraced coffee groves, defensively planted natural vegetation, and an intricate and carefully maintained drainage system guard against erosion.

Human Resource Management

  • We pay significantly higher wages than other coffee growers. Our employees are financially rewarded for their skilled and conscientious labor.
  • We have our own fully equipped dental and medical clinic.
  • Although many workers have their own houses and live off of the farm, we also provide modern housing that comes with our own hydroelectric power and piped in spring water.
  • We have a life-estate housing program for retiring workers who have no home of their own.
  • We provide workers’ children with school uniforms, as we annually assist the local schools with educational materials.